NMC Company

NMC Company developed the concept of the dynamic envelope.

This concept opens a new way of communication in line with the market trends. Using the NMC envelope, it puts the recipient of a message in the spotlight and:

  • helps improve the response rates of mailing campaigns
  • supports reduction of production costs
  • allows consolidation of small order batches to significantly save on postage costs

Our Commitment

NMC Company offers you a range of innovative Fulfilment-Production Lines complete with embedded software for production of:
  • One-to-one direct marketing mail items
  • Real transpromo communication
  • Registered mail
  • Invoices and statements, even strictly confidential ones

Fabrication of Finishing-Lines, that can be operated by just one employee.

100% recyclable product with reduced CO2 footprint.

No need to buy envelopes, because they will be produced as the same time as the content of each mailing. The whole value chain remains with you as service provider and thus increases your ROI.